The EJUIN Story

“That every woman can be beautiful” – Esstee

Esstee, the founder of the Ejuin Venture is a woman who loved beauty with a passion. She started the business with few skincare products and a simple premise; that every woman can be beautiful. Armed with that philosophy plus perseverance and passion, the company that started from home is growing with agents all over Malaysia.

Esstee has strong instincts for what women wanted and is the saleswoman and marketer. She believes that to make a sale, you have to touch the customer, tested the products on herself first and show the results with her face and explain the products. This is the start of GEO skincare products which she brings to the skincare industry of Malaysia in 2018.

About GEO skincare

GEO skincare harnesses the power of nature to create beauty products that care for skin in the gentlest, most effective way possible.

Our ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s geothermal areas, combining natural minerals such as volcanic clays and vitamin packed plant extracts to create products that provide a beautuful, radiant complexion.

The philosophy of geoskincare is to provide our customers with products that allow them to enjoy healthy and beautiful skin everyday. We create our products in New Zealand with magical energy, natural minerals, essential oils and pure extratcs. It’s our mission to provide customers with the results they are after in the purest way possible.

“Never underestimate any woman desire’s for beauty”